Uninstalled Google Photo app Spying on ALL Your Photos

By September 9, 2015Google Plus

Google Photos may be uploading your pics, even if you don't want it to (Video)

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There they were, hundreds of photos I’d taken of my wife, my daughter, and me, grouped together by Google’s facial-recognition technology in the company’s Photos app, all snapped over the course of a little more than a month. The problem was, I’d deleted all of those pictures, and most distressing, I didn’t even have the Google Photos app on my phone.

This spring, when Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) separated photos from Google Plus into its own dedicated app, I was intrigued by the possibility that the company had managed to create a better alternative to Yahoo’s (NASDAQ: YHOO) Flickr for people who want something more robust than Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) or Instagram, and encouraged by positive reviews from Gizmodo and other sites. As someone who shares a lot of photos semi-privately with family, Flickr has been a good solution since I convinced my largely non-Facebooking parents to have the Flickr app on their phones and I can share photos of my infant daughter with them — and only them — automatically through appropriate privacy settings.

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