Understanding Google’s Mobile-Friendly SEO Changes and What They Mean to You

By April 1, 2015Mobile
Excerpted from a post by Stephen Alemar
April_MobileagedonBy now, you’ve probably heard the big news regarding mobile search and Google. At the end of February, Google announced they would be altering mobile search results to rank mobile-friendly sites significantly higher. Consequently, this means websites that are not mobile-friendly will see a severe negative impact on their site ranking and organic traffic.

This change is due to go into effect on April 21, and it is very important you ensure your site is ready. Luckily, anyone with a Duda website shouldn’t have to worry about this update (and will likely see an SEO boost as a result), as all sites built on the Duda platform are by default already mobile-friendly.

However, it’s always a good idea to be sure. A very simple way to determine whether or not your site is in good standing is to run it through Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. On the off chance there are any issues with your site, the following guide should let you know how to identify and fix any problems. And of course, Duda Support is available and more than happy to help make sure your site is ready for April 21.

When determining whether your site is mobile-friendly or not, Google checks several settings on your website. You can check out Google’s recommendations for mobile SEO here. Let’s go through the list of items and see how Duda solves for each requirement via DudaMobile (mobile-only website builder) and DudaOne (responsive website builder with server-side support). If you’re not familiar with the different ways of building mobile-friendly websites, I strongly recommend reading this blog post first.

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