Secret To Running A Successful B2B Advertising Campaign

b2b advertising

These days, running a successful business to business advertising campaign has become a multifaceted affair.

Marketers are not only tasked with putting out their digital feelers to find the latest and greatest search engine optimization techniques but they have to make ads effective enough that they'll turn into sales.

But how exactly do you run a great business to business campaign? Read this article to learn the best secrets to running a successful B2B advertising campaign.

Properly identify your audience

Let's get straight to it: what does your business sell and who do they sell it to? Without arming yourself with this seemingly simple knowledge, your B2B advertising campaign will fall flat on its face.

Gather all of your resources together and come up with some answers for the following questions:

  • How would you describe your audience's demographics?
  • Do you have more than one target audience?
  • How accessible is your audience?
  • Where is your audience most accessible?
  • Are you properly utilizing every channel possible?
  • How are you different than your competitors? (play this up)

As you can see, there's a lot that goes into properly identifying your audience. It's going to take some time, and possibly some experimentation.

Revamp your website's copy

Your next task is to check your website's copy (yes, all of it) and make sure it complies with the best SEO practices. If you could use some assistance, we offer a variety of tremendous services that will make sure your copy is better than ever.

A well-executed B2B ad campaign leverages social media page

“I know that…” you're probably saying, but do you really know the extent of the impact social media has on digital marketing? Furthermore, are your company pages active?

Here are some fantastic tips to help your company efficiently run a social media page for three of the biggest platforms out there today.


Yes, LinkedIn is still important — in fact, when it comes to B2B advertising, it may be one of the most effective tools in your arsenal. Here's what you can do to make sure you've got the best LinkedIn page possible.

  • Include a compelling pitch: You'll be competing with a lot of other pages. Does your LinkedIn page feature a strong enough pitch that customers will find you irresistible?
  • Make sure your page is organized well: Always include the most important details of your business first. This includes business name, contact information, and location. If customers can't easily find you or get in touch, you'll never properly gain sales.
  • Double check that you've included links to your other social pages: Aside from being a great way for businesses to connect with you, it's a fantastic introduction to your other pages. Make sure you've got links to each of your social media pages, as well as your newly updated website.


Yes, Facebook is useful for more than keeping up to date with your college roommate. When properly tweaked, a company's Facebook page can be their biggest asset, as more users are on Facebook than any other social media platform as of March 2017. Here's how to tweak your page to make it the strongest it can be.

  • Be more personable: Facebook is the perfect platform for letting your hair down and showing clients that you're more than just your work. When it comes to B2B advertising on Facebook, show the people behind the work. It's imperative that you're still professional, but you're allowed to give yourself some flexibility and have some fun.
  • Highlight reviews: Just like with Yelp and Google, Facebook reviews matter. Think of this as your digital clout and an easy way to get positive buzz around your company. If a review is particularly kind, consider featuring it on your page by selecting ‘share'.
  • Get visual: Think about your own Facebook uses for a moment. When you scroll through your feed, what sticks out first? Images and videos. Consider implementing more visuals into your company's page to attract more views. Videos, in particular, a great way to bring more people to your page. They don't even have to be particularly long, just make sure they're posted often.


Twitter is likely the most passive social media page your company will have, but it's important nevertheless. Accordingly, it can be difficult to know how to best run a Twitter page in the B2B world for the most sales.

  • Schedule Tweets in bulk: If your company is proficient in social media marketing already, you likely have access to platforms such as Hootsuite that let you schedule posts in advance. Hootsuite is great because it allows you to schedule your posts down to the minute so you'll get the most eyes on your page.
  • Use Twitter for quick updates: You're confined to 140 characters, so this one should be easy. Twitter is great for letting customers know about short and sweet business updates. Have a new blog post? Shorten the link and post it. Have an upcoming company event? Give all the details and watch your attendance soar.
  • Keep your name in the Twittersphere: Half the reason you want a Twitter account for B2B advertising is simply to have your name out there. Brand recognition is a critical aspect of your role, and posting regular Tweets is a great and easy way to keep your business' name out there.

Repurpose content

Do you have a fantastic blog post that just didn't get any traction for one reason or another? No need to scrap it from your site, just repurpose it! Think of yourself as a digital hunter, and your content is the animal: you want to get every last possible use from that content.

This can be as simple as taking key ideas from previous blog posts and expanding on them. It'd be a good idea to include some internal links to the previous blog post too, as your internal traffic can boost your SEO ranking.

Know what your competitors are up to

You’ll need to know what you’re dealing with. Have your marketing team go over your top two or three competitors’ websites and see what they’re doing. What types of ads are they taking out? What kinds of keywords are they using?

This is critical information for you to have: see how competitors use keywords, then compare metrics if possible. If their B2B advertising campaigns seem more successful, contemplate how you and your team can improve your ranking.

The world of B2B advertising can be a brutal one, but we pride ourselves on serving as your friend in the business. We've got a reputation for excellent service and can help you ascend the search engine optimization ladder!