Achieving The Correct Keyword Density

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Using synonyms –

This video is about SEO (Google) synonyms.
Back in the day, SEOs suggested using your keyword a specific amount of times within a page copy to achieve best SEO results. It was called keyword density. Those days are long gone. Now you can (and should) use your keyword as natural as possible. Don’t stuff your copy with your keyword like crazy because you actually harm your search engine rankings. Instead, you may want to use your keyword synonyms because it adds up to the relevancy of your copy and you’re not overusing your keyword at the same time.

For starters, you probably want to know how you can find Google synonyms. Problem is, Google synonyms don’t always coincide with grammatical synonyms. But no panic! There are a bunch of tools that you can use to find Google (aka SEO) synonyms that you can use in your page copy.

You can just go to Google and search for your keyword. I’ll search for “wordpress seo course”. Now note the keywords and key phrases that got highlighted on your search engine results page.

WordPress SEO Training
SEO training
WordPress Training Course
SEO & WordPress courses

Those are your synonyms.

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