How To Set Up Anchor Text

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Anchor Text in GSA Search Engine Ranker

Anchor Text in GSA Search Engine Ranker –

Punishing anchor text over-optimisation was the main point of the Google algorithm updates of the last year or so, and many new SEOs (and worryingly, a lot of experienced SEOs) don't vary their anchor text enough.

It's simply not natural to have thousands of anchor texts for a specific keyword term, like ‘best bicycle shop London'. It is, however, natural to see lots of anchor texts for a site's brand name and URL, because this is how human beings naturally build links to websites they like.

It is also far more natural for anchor text terms to take the form of generic terms like ‘check this out' or ‘click here'. Google recognised this and took action against sites than didn't have natural-looking anchor text profiles.

With GSA Search Engine Ranker and other automated backlinking tools it's extremely important to set them up right and not to post thousands of backlinks all with the same anchor text, otherwise you risk your websites getting a manual webspam penalty from Google.