Should I Hire a SEO Company?

When you need to partner with an SEO company to improve client-getting results for your online business, you need them to be able to deliver all of these Key Elements

Does your SEO Partner have Deep Knowledge of the 3 Pillars of Search Engine Marketing?

Pillar – One:

Technical Foundation

This refers to the structure of your site. It determines how easy or difficult it is for search engines to crawl and index your content. Having no technical foundation practically guarantees that Google will ignore your site. Having the WRONG foundation can result in severe penalties or even “de-indexing” of your site which means you have DISAPPEARED from all search results.

Pillar – Two:

On-page Optimization

This involves the use of specific elements like keywords and HTML tags in ways that actually help increase search engine traffic to your site.

Pillar – Three:

Off-page Optimization

There are dozens of components of off-page optimization including link-building, authority and trust metrics, etc. Do they care or take an interest in what is best for the client? Successful SEO is not just about being able to review web analytics, optimize and create backlinks, and satisfy the search engines.