Here's a preview of my March 2012 Insights Elite training – Market Research for Real Estate Investors. Market research is one of the most important (and least understood) areas of real estate. And if you read a market wrong, you can lose big time.

In this comprehensive training where you'll learn:

* Market research strategies for wholesalers, rehabbers and landlords
* How to read a market like a pro so that you can make the most profitable buying, selling and renting decisions
* The top online sites to conduct FREE market research
* Where you can download free market research reports on 45 metropolitan areas
* The 2 things that can move any deal fast – even in a bad market
* How to accurately use comparables (sold and listed) to determine your OFFER price
And much, much more!

This training is with real estate investing and financing expert Susan Lassiter-Lyons and there's no fluff and nothing for sale, just solid strategies that work TODAY.