Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design (RWD) involves a collection of sophisticated techniques which enables your site to adjust to any screen size by rendering the content in a accessible and quite easily legible type. Today, if your website is not responsive, your SEO efforts are being influenced negatively. With Google taking mobile-friendliness to another level, you can not believe of a successful SEO technique without RWD. Why is responsive design so crucial and how can you make sure that your website complies with it?


Significance of Responsive Design

There are lots of other factors that play a vital function in enhancing your SEO, however responsive design is something that can not be ignored, and without it your SEO efforts will fall short. Outlined below are the primary factors why it is so important.

Googlebots take RWD Seriously

Responsiveness is for people and the Google Bots. At the basic level, responsive website design is so ‘important' from an SEO point of view due to the fact that of its unified code base. The underlying issue is that Googlebots and other search engine bots give value to well organized and easy to navigate page hierarchy, which they can only discover in responsive websites.

Google does not favor repetitive or duplicate content.  With multiple variations of the exact same website, you are creating duplicate content. Therefore, Google is likely to ding your website if you have different variations for desktop and mobile.

Crawl time is another factor that leads to the gradual decrease of your pages' ranking. Having multiple variations of your website requires online search engine crawlers to spend more time browsing each of the pages. As the bots require more time to crawl, Google is more likely to gradually decrease your rankings.

On the other hand, RWD is built on a single URL and code base for desktops, laptops, tablets and cellphones/smartphones. This results in quicker crawling and much better chances of page rankings.

Among the fundamentals for SEO success is to keep your material original and non-repetitive. If it is not distinct and original, you are going to suffer in your natural search rankings. You should not just have a single mobile-optimized website, you need to also implement tested SEO techniques to enhance your total page rankings.

Mobile Behavior

While Responsive Web Design influences online search engine crawlers in numerous ways, mobile behavior is another element that Google considers. Today,.
seo is more about user experience, and it would not be incorrect to state that responsive website design is one major aspect of UX (User Experience Design).

Google and other online search engine make every attempt to measure user experience on both desktop and mobile phones. And Bounce rate is one of the most vital elements, Google even determines the difference in between mobile/non-mobile bounce rates.

The data is gathered to ascertain whether a website is mobile friendly or not. If they find your site to be non-responsive, and Google makes a huge claim– that over 60 % of mobile users will certainly go to a rival website.

The supreme goal for search engines is to improve their SERP (Search Engine Results Page) based upon delivering just appropriate material. If your websites provide high bounce rate, online search engine are most likely to minimize your websites ranking by believing that the “material is not relevant to your keywords.”.

Google's Recent Mobilegeddon Update.

Google's attachment to mobile friendliness can be seen additionally with it's recent, significant update unofficially titled as ‘mobilegeddon‘. This update has affected the rankings of numerous websites in mobile searches. It is another indicator of the direction that Google is headed in by remaining to expand the ‘mobile-friendly' element in its SERPs, and if your website is not responsive, it will certainly be left.

While Google has a longstanding custom of not formally announcing its updates, ‘mobilegeddon' was an exception. Google revealed its release several weeks beforehand and now responsive website design is ‘officially' a significant factor in seo.

Impact of Mobilegeddon.

According to Google, its mobilegeddon algorithm would make a significant effect on mobile search engine result. The impact might be felt across more than 40 % of its mobile search questions. On the other hand, the Panda upgrade impacted just around 12 % of questions and the Penguin update simply 4 % over both desktop and mobile inquiries.

So basically responsive web design will strongly effect SEO. In this post on Search Engine Journal, there are even more reasons that responsive design is so vital for SEO.

Web Design Responsiveness. – The Importance of Mobile.

According to Google, it now receives over 50 % of its searches from mobile devices. This was exposed on a recent report and the released might be found right here: news article. Websites which are responsive are more crucial to SEO than ever.

Google itself offers a variety of devices to assist webmasters see the mobile-friendliness of their sites. Google's Mobile Friendly Test page is the most popular device that permits you to test your website. It is mainly suited to testing simply a few web pages within your website. It is advised that you sign-in into your Webmaster Tools account if you want to test your whole site.

What are the top ways to make your site responsive?

It is well established beyond a doubt that responsive design is a vital aspect in SEO. However how are you going to make your website responsive, if it is not already. The technique you desire to execute will depend on a variety of factors, the most important ones being the quantity of time you can devote to it and your spending plan.

Use a Responsive Theme.

The very best strategy will be to implement a responsive style for your site. A lot of websites are based upon WordPress which platform supports countless responsive styles. If your site is based upon another platform, most of them will have their own responsive styles.

Site Tools and PluginsUse Responsive Plug-ins.

All the leading Content Management Systems have responsive plugins that assist make your website mobile friendly. Some of these plugins offer more methods to tailor the mobile experience so that not just is the material rendered in the finest possible method, but that there are extra features fit to mobile phones.

If you have a WordPress site, wptouch, and jetpack are a few of the very best plugins for a mobile friendly site. The popular mobile-friendly plugins for Joomla are JoomlaShine and Responsivizer, and Drupal has MobileTheme and ThemeKey.

Use Fluid Layout.

Fluid designs have actually been in usage even before the principle of responsive website design came into existence. Lots of ingenious web designers and designers have actually utilized it for addressing concerns associated with numerous viewport sizes.

Use just Mobile Friendly Technology.

Even when you carry out all these approaches, it is very important to use mobile friendly technologies. Bear in mind the constraints of different platforms. While some platforms like iOS will certainly not support Flash and other innovations, some innovations are incompatible with specific platforms.

For this reason it is very important to make sure that your site itself doesn't rely on innovations which have issues with the significant platforms. You should have no need to develop another unique mobile version for any technology.

If your site is not currently mobile optimized by virtue of being responsive, it is time you get this fixed. If you are facing an upgrade, it is advised to make your site responsive before updating it.

Let us know how you would like your search rankings and traffic to improve by planning for and upgrading your site for RWD! Call us or go directly to the discovery form to get started today.

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